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Details About Nationwide Piano Movers You Need To Know Before Hiring

Moving a piano is one of the tasks which are best left to professionals. It may look like a simple task, and which some actually do it themselves, but the cost of DIY may be higher than that of hiring an expert to do the job. If you are moving for the first time and have to move with your beloved piano, there are some few important things you need to know about nationwide piano movers.

Why do you need to hire them?

 Moving a piano is touchy business by all standards. The equipment is not just heavy but is weight is not distributed evenly. For example, the upright pianos are quite heavy at their top part and light on the other end, and their feet are a bit fragile. On the other hand, the grand pianos tend to be

heavy on their piece length but their legs and the other pieces

How the expert movers do it:

Expert piano movers use specialized piano moving equipment to move the piano. These equipment include specialized piano moving trucks, furniture dolly, straps, automatic stair climbing dolly, lifters, tilters, and buckles among others. In addition to having the right equipment, manpower is also needed, and the large pianos may need the effort of up to six movers.

 The top piano moving companies have experienced staff who will first visit your move to view the piano and determine if the pathways are okay for moving. The team will first evaluate the type and size of the piano and the best way of moving it. The moving team normally has the necessary moving equipment, such as ramps, slings, piano skids, and moving pads among others. Blankets or padding is needed to cushion piano from damage. The wrapping and locking of keyboard is very important and should be done in order to ensure the keys do not get damaged.

Important to note is that the piano may require retuning after it has been moved to its new location. Even while being moved by professionals, the piano will experience some minor shocks which will definitely interfere with its tuning. Retuning of the piano requires expertise. Professional piano movers will not just move the piano but will also retune it to the optimum.

Sometimes, the piano may have to get partially dismantled before moving. This is in situations where the pathways are narrow and the piano cannot be moved across them. The dismantling needs professional expertise. The regular movers who do not specialize in the moving pianos may even not know how to dismantle the piano, and assemble it again after the moving.

The costs:

While some people simply think of how much it will cost them in paying the piano mover, the do not think of the huge cost they will incur if anything goes wrong during the moving. Pianos are not cheap. Some are antiques and may be worth thousands of dollars. The weight of pianos also means they can cause injuries if they accidentally slip and fall on the movers. The average weight of average piano is 900 pounds while the average weight of the grand pianos is 1300 pounds. The nationwide piano movers generally have insurance cover to ensure these risks are covered.

Generally, the cost of moving the piano will depend on the type of the piano being moved, its size, distance moved, and unusual moving difficulties or challenges such as narrow pathways. Also, if you want the piano moved very fast, you may incur additional charges of moving.