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Country Curtains For the Kitchen

Country Curtains For the Kitchen

Curtains can be seen in every part of a house. It can be seen in bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Those that are used in kitchens are called country curtains. Since they are used in the kitchen, they do not need to be very expensive. Kitchen does not require curtains that are made by famous designers. You can make your own kitchen curtain to save money.

Here are steps that can guide you.

1. Measure the dimension of your window. Buy a cloth that doubles the measurement of the width of your window. Also, the cloth that you buy should go with the color of your kitchen.

2. Make two panels out of the fabric that you had bought. Do this by cutting the fabric into two. Make sure that they have the same size after being cut.

On each panel, pin an allowance of a half inch for every side. Sew it with a running stitch. You can make use of a sewing machine or you can do it manually. Make use of a thread that will complement with the color of the fabric.

3. Fold the upper part of every panel. Measure a width of 2 A� inches and then you straight stitch it. Put a pin on it so that you will not be lost.

Measure another width of 2 inches for the curtain rod. Sew it with a machine. Make sure that the rod you will use can fit on the 2-inch space that you had created. If the rod is big, you can add another inch to your measurement. Repeat this step for the other panel.

4. Put the rod on top of the window. Slip it on the curtain through the openings. Hang it up. Spread equally the fabric. The left opening of one panel and the right opening of the other panel should meet in the middle of the window.

Fold each panel on the bottom part. Measure about 1/2 inch and then sew it. The country curtains should be able to cover the window entirely so you must allow the panel to hang A� inch below the window.

You have now created your country curtain. You may hang it loosely in your window or you can hang it with a design. Your design should be good to look at and that it should add beauty to the kitchen. Remember, a kitchen is an important place in your house. This is where you eat so the view should be beautiful. Beautiful view can add to your appetite.