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Couch Covers – Different From What You Grew Up With

Couch Covers – Different From What You Grew Up With

When it comes to couch covers some of you may think of the ones you used to have or see while you were growing up. You know, the slip covers that you just threw over the couch and would have to straighten every time you got up. I remember having one at home too as our family was never rich and we continued to use our old and worn out sofa until one of the legs broke. Then my dad found a used sofa at a garage sale that was faded and had a couple of holes in it. So we ended up using the same old sofa cover for many more years.

When it came time for my little daughter and I to move out of my parents’ house I found a cheap unfurnished apartment for rent. My mom told me I could have the old couch that I had grown up with, and my dad would just look for another one for them to use. I was happy to have that sofa since it was quite comfortable despite being worn and dirty. I would just buy a new couch cover to make it look nice. Having to rearrange it all the time would be a small price to pay.

So my mom and I went through the selection of sofa covers in a major department store catalog. It was a good thing we did that since they actually provided instructions on how to measure your couch to make sure you get the correct size cover. In addition, the type of couch cover you buy would also depend on the arms and back of your couch as well as the style of cushions. Since our sofa had removable cushions I was going to buy a zipped cover for the cushions, and a matching material that could be pulled and tucked into place for the rest of the sofa.

I went to a local furniture store with my measurements and told them I was looking for a couch cover. The clerk told me they had several to choose from, and I was surprised that one of them actually came with an instructional video. The sofa cover happened to be just the kind I was looking for. It consisted of zipped covers for the cushions and a sheet of fabric held in position by plastic rods placed under the cushions. The material came in a variety of colors and patterns, and was stain resistant. I thought that was perfect since my little girl was a heavy weight mess maker.

I was so excited to find that beautiful couch cover. I chose a purple one with a Zen design. Constant rearranging became a thing of the past. I called my mom from the store, and to add to my joy she told me she would pay for it as a house-warming gift.