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Couch Beds Are the Perfect Size For Smaller Rooms

Couch Beds Are the Perfect Size For Smaller Rooms

Walking through the furniture shops, looking at all the couch beds for sale, it is hard to make a decision about which one to buy. There are too many styles available. Whether buying one for the den or a bedroom, you will find exactly what you need to put in a small room. If you have overnight guests, you’ll have a comfortable place for them to sleep.

Many names have been given to this piece of furniture. Although the day bed is thought of as modern, the truth is that it has been around in different forms, since ancient days. People used them in Rome, Egypt and Greece in those long-ago times.

The Native Americans had a type of couch bed. Ancient Chinese sat and slept on the same furniture. Lifestyles were much different during Medieval times. The nobles moved frequently in those days. Sometimes in tents and sometimes they moved from castle to castle. Their furniture had to be easy to carry. Although they had many servants to help, they could only move lightweight furniture.

Other names for couch beds are hideabeds, sleeper-sofas, pullout couches and futons. Some are half-couches and some are bunk beds. Some are small and made especially for children. Some have pillows that are couch pillows by day and sleeping pillows by night. This saves the trouble of putting bed pillows into a closet during the times no one is sleeping.

There were daybeds used during the Italian Renaissance that were actually tent beds. Arab tribes made good use of their tents and made makeshift daybeds of cushions, rugs and blankets piled high in a corner of their tents. These were used for seating by day and beds at night.

There was a Gothic rendition of the couch beds. It was a long wooden chest. It was like the modern hope chests but with wooden arms on either end. It was as long as a bed and used as such. This made good seating and was a fine looking piece of furniture.

There are numerous colors, patterns and styles to select from. Perfect seating and sleeping can be provided for any home or apartment. They are made in fine leather or upholstered patterns. If you select a futon, you can change the color anytime by purchasing a new cover in a different color or pattern.

Choose the clean, uncomplicated lines of modern or contemporary. Modern styles come without arms and in a variety of sizes to sleep one or two people. One popular French style is built to look as it it’s set on a box instead of legs. The attractive modern styles usually have short rounded legs about three to four inches high. Vinyl is popular in the less expensive styles. The convenience of quickly and easily converting the couch beds from couch to bed is one of its finest features.