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Choosing Window Treatments and Drapery Hardware

Choosing Window Treatments and Drapery Hardware

Window treatments are a vital consideration when decorating a home or office. Windows are considered by many designers and decorators as the eyes of a room and a well dressed window can make or break a well designed décor. Since curtains and draperies are my passion, I am compelled to say that a window is incomplete without a window treatment. I believe that a room must have a window treatment to be considered well decorated and complete.

There are various types of window treatments that can be simple or elaborate. Curtains and draperies are most often the treatment of choice when considering window treatments. This type of window treatment must be supported by drapery rods and drapery hardware which is what will be discussed in this article. The curtain rods and drapery hardware supports the draperies and curtains as well as bring character, texture and style to the window. Decorative drapery hardware is popular and trendy. They bring balance and texture to the well-designed window treatment and the décor of the room.

Decorative drapery rods are offered in various styles and finishes. Wood, metal, resin and wrought iron are the most popular decorative rods today. Wood drapery rods can be extravagant and detailed with custom finishes and premium designs. They are offered in stunning rich finishes such as mocha, antique pewter, black wash, white wash, and natural to name a few. Wood drapery rods have classy sophisticated finials which really enhance the texture and style of the rod. Wood decorative rods can be quite expensive, because you will also need to consider adding the cost of wood rings and brackets that are not included with the wood pole. If you like the look of real wood, however, it is worth the extra cost!

Uniquely designed metal decorative rods are equally as beautiful. However, the finishes are limited. The finishes include gold tones, antique gold tones, pewter, and black. Metal decorative rods can be somewhat more practical in supporting your beautiful draperies, because they are just as functional as traditional traverse drapery rods with the pulley system. With metal traverse decorative drapery rods you will not necessarily have to be concerned with drapery rings, which can be an added hassle that you may not want to be concerned with. If you are concerned with the weight of the rod, metal decorative drapery rods are usually not as heavy as wood decorative drapery rods. The metal rods are usually adjustable in size, with sizes ranging from approximately 35″-200″, which makes it more convenient when shipping to you. With many of the metal decorative rods the finial and brackets are included with the cost of the rod.

Whether your choice is an exquisitely designed wood curtain rods or extraordinary metal drapery rods, there are many beautiful drapery rods offered to you and can be purchased exclusively from on-line web stores.