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Butterfly Shower Curtains Are A Colourful Way To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Butterfly Shower Curtains Are A Colourful Way To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Butterflies just have something special about them. They are such a beautiful and unique creature with so many colour combinations that you have to admit that they are one of nature’s most exquisite creations. They are feminine yet childlike and have an almost ethereal quality about them especially when teamed with fairies and done extravagantly with glitter in hues of pink and purple. Butterflies are pictures in so many colours, they cover more than just a rainbow, they use the whole spectrum or colour. They come in so many different shapes, colours and sizes that when it comes to interior decorating you can use butterflies with almost any colour palette you select. They can be black and white for stark contrasting imagery or red and white for something classic. However, pink does seem to reign supreme – making butterflies the perfect choice for a little girls bathroom or your own if you just choose to surround your bathing/shower experience with something pretty and girly.

A large amount of butterfly shower curtains follow the mainstream with pink/purple/flowers with little butterflies – very soft and country meadow sort of feel to it. You can and will find more modern designs such as pink and purple ones with bold shaped butterflies. If you are lucky you will be able to save time trying to find co-ordinating items by purchasing a matching set which could include a bathmat, toilet seat and tank covers as well as a liner for the curtain and a toilet mat. Prepackaged sets are often a way to save money too, really useful if you are on a tight budget for your butterfly bathroom makeover. One of the brightest and most colourful butterfly curtains I have found is the jubilee curtain which is clear vinyl with red, blue, orange, green, white and yellow butterflies all over it!

Don’t just limit your butterfly bathroom makeover to a new shower curtain when there is a huge selection of butterfly bathroom accessories available. There a variety of different butterfly shower curtain hooks to choose from to complement either your butterfly shower curtain or brighten up and an accent to an otherwise plain coloured shower curtain. Butterfly themed soap dishes, toothbrush holders, towels, lotion dispensers and waste paper basket or bins will all add to the butterfly magic.

Don’t stop there – why not use butterflies on the walls either as those repositionable and removable wall decals (great if you are renting) or a framed picture or a piece of gorgeous metalwork. Also, have you heard about wall tile murals where you can create a gorgeous image of a butterfly with 6 to 8 standard tiles, really creating a feature point on one wall.