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Bay Window Curtain Pole

Bay Window Curtain Pole

If any window presents a challenge then it is the bay window curtain pole selection and proper treatment or dressing for the bay window. Bay windows tend to have many sides while some are angled, some are curved others project and jut out more while others project out only a little. Every home has its own unique needs and these openings to the outside world reflect the home of which it forms a big part.

These curved or angled openings provide a much-needed lung space for many homes. They are able to bring a little bit of the outdoors into the home. The window is designed to slightly jut out with angles or is curved. When you look through these you can see more of the outside and you get a wider view of the garden or the outdoor lawns. It give a much uninterrupted view which is not possible for ordinary windows that are flush with the walls. These windows are special as they are large and usually start from the floor. Some can be designed even at the usual level a few feet above the floor.

With arched windows some people would like to create a secluded private space for themselves or their children inside the living room. Still others would like to take advantage of the extra space created by the curved space to make the living room larger or more spacious. Depending of these needs the curtains and bay window curtain pole needs to be chosen.

While creating a private space, the curtain pole needs to just follow the lines of the room and will mostly straight as if the extra space did not exist. But, if the window is an attempt to create more living space then the curtain pole needs to follow the curvature and angles of the bay window. Once the purpose of bay window is decided it is easier to select appropriate window treatment and select the right curtain rods for it.

Till recently bay window curtain poles were not designed to be customized. So, people had to buy flexible poles and bend it to their requirement. Recently, there are more options for them in terms of curtain poles. You can choose from many ready to use models that are easily customizable to your window design.

Bay windows curtain pole is available in a variety of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, flexible plastics and chrome finished brass rods. When buying the poles for your curtains make sure you have the right measurements and dimensions ready. It is easy to place an order online or buy it from an offline store. Depending on your comfort level choose from either option.