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An Important Piece of Equipment: A Water Geyser

A Geyser is a very helpful tool to do household chores & one cannot deny that. A water heater is a basic necessity in extreme weather conditions and is most demanded home equipment for any household. The traditional water geyser is a little huge and heavy as it contains tank. There are tank less water heaters in the market also that occupy less space of your bathroom and give good results.

So basically here the geysers are divided into two types: one is tank and another is tank less.

 Tank water geysers come into two variants: Gas and electric. The Gas geyser needs Liquid Petroleum Gas to heat the water and needs lot of space in the bathroom to place the gas cylinder. Also the usage of them is not so safe & it can even lead to death. The Electric Geyser on the other hand is quite easy to handle and is very safe too. However, these geysers consume lot of electricity and are expensive also. The tank in both the geysers is insulated to help keep the inner water warm, and a thermostat to control the overall temperature of the water.

        Tank less water geysers are comfortable, energy efficient and also easy to handle. Since there is no tank attached to it, these geysers can supply endless supply of hot water as per one’s need.

So now when we know how many types of water heaters are there, it is important to go through which features a geyser should have.

Things to be considered while buying a water geyser:

Below are the points that one should strictly think about before buying a Geyser:

  • Ensure that the place where you are going to install a geyser has sufficient space. It should be in accordance with the size of electric geyser.
  • Look for the correct warranty period. The heating element and the tank should have warranty period of at least one year.
  • Get a brand. It ensures that the parts used in building a geyser are good and also you will get a good warranty from a branded geyser.
  • The auto cut feature in a geyser saves energy by switching the unit off and also it helps the water heater from burning out. It also protects from any accidental damage. So look for auto cut feature in a geyser.
  • Who would want to spoil the looks of his bathroom? Get a geyser that best matches to the décor of your bathroom.
  • The most important thing is size of the geyser. The size of the geyser is according to average geyser price. The bigger the capacity, the higher the price.
  • You should check the longevity in the Buy a geyser that has a longer life and has easily available parts in your area. Because the bigger part starts when you buy the machine.
  • Energy consumption is very important aspect of checking the performance of the product.