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A Guide to Bathroom Decorating That Will Transform Your Space

A Guide to Bathroom Decorating That Will Transform Your Space

Is a bathroom decorating project on your list of appealing things to do? Maybe you have lots of ideas of what you would like in mind, but can’t figure out where to begin. Don’t despair this article is going to help you decide. You will be able to figure exactly what you will need to turn your bathroom decorating ideas into a work of art.

First, choosing your color will help to set a theme or design in motion that will give your space just the right personality to turn heads. There are many different bathroom decorating colors to choose from. You could go with light colors like white, green, blue, cream colors or even pastels as a base. Creating a calm and peaceful effect can easily be done with light colors. They help to make the place relaxing and soothe your weary body after a hard day at work.

Next, you need to look at the condition of your floor. You want it to be comfortable as well as look good or all your other bathroom decorating will be for nothing. If it needs replacing consider adding a heated floor with fresh new tiles. Nothing is more rewarding to your feet than walking on a nice warm floor first thing in the morning.

Another thing that works really well is adding some bath accessories and other trinkets onto a shelf on one of the walls. Some ideas may be little souvenirs you picked up while on vacation or gifts that were given to you from a friend or loved one.

For a fresh beautiful new look replace your shower curtain. They are a simple and in-expensive accessory, but one that has a large effect on the appearance of your room. By using the colors of your room you can completely change the look and feel with your shower curtain. If your shower curtain is of a neutral color you could use it for various different themes.

If that doesn’t please your eyes try a glass shower door. You can use either a clear glass or a frosted one to improve your design and bring your bathroom decorating project to life. Even stained or tinted glass can be used with great success. However, if your room is small I suggest using clear glass to make it appear bigger than it actually is.

Storage space is a big issue for simple things like your toothbrush, hair brush, soap and other bath accessories you use regularly. Towel racks and toilet paper dispensers are also things you can change to give your bath an upgrade. Drawing out your design plans before you start your bathroom decorating can help you to make the best use of the space you have.

Creating a place to relax will ensure that you’ll look forward to it the next time you want to use it.