December 2017

All You Need To Know About Awnings?

An awning can simply be described as supplemental cover or roof which helps control direct and intense exposure to the sun which may occur outdoors and indoors. They can be retractable or stationary. They are made of materials such as wood, vinyl, cloth, acrylic, aluminium and canvas among others. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. Generally, awnings can help reduce costs of home energy as they reduce the need of air conditioning.

Material is Important:

As mentioned above, there are various materials used for making awnings. The canvas awnings are especially popular for the reason that they are affordable and least reasonably long. Canvas fabrics are originally made from cotton fibres. Some people believe that acrylic is a better option to canvas, but the former is also a bit expensive. Canvas, though durable ad generally of good quality, absorbs moisture from dew, snow and rain and is thus prone to some issues such as rotting, mildew and mold.

None of the materials used for making awning lasts forever so each is prone to fading and damage if exposed to extreme weather conditions. Dirt and pollen will also damage the awning regardless of the material it is made of. Maintenance practices on awnings are important as they will ensure it remains in good condition for long period of time.

In view of the foregoing, there are various important factors you need to consider in your choice of awnings in addition to the material used to make it. First, think of not just the initial cost bust also the cost of maintenance. Go for the material which is resistance to moisture-related damage and rotting. Heavy duty canvas is especially resistant to most of these conditions and will last long enough. Note that canvas and most of the other material can also be painted as part of the maintenance practices.

Installation is important:

The manner in which awnings are installed will determine how long they last. Although in some instances, you may do it yourself, seek professional advice on how to install if you are not sure of how to affix it against the wall or some other place without occasioning damage to the material.

Storage is also important:

If the awnings are retractable, how you store them will determine how long they last. Ensure they are folded well, and store in a place where they are not exposed to direct heat of the sun or other destructive elements.


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