Tips Mix & Match Socks with Various Shoe Models

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In Korea, most people use socks to warm the body because the weather is so cold. Apparently not only to warm, hosiery can also support the appearance to be more fashionable. Therefore hosiery can be a fashion item that is ok. You also must often see dong K-Pop artists who appear cool with hosiery?


If you’re the one who likes or wants to try wearing hosiery for the daily look. Here are a mix and match of socks with a variety of K-Pop idol footwear!

Look Beautiful by Using Socks when Sneakers

Using sneakers for daily activities is most convenient. So even with K-Pop idols who often use sneakers in various events. Well, when wearing sneakers do not forget to wear hosiery with a funny pattern-funny. Guaranteed look you will be more stylish!

High Heels

Many of the K-pop artists use high heels to support a perfect appearance and look more girly. However many of them are apparently using high heels with socks. Although high heels give the impression of elegance, it turns out this kind of shoes you can mix and match with hosiery. So it’s cute, is not it?

Shoe Slippers

If you are tired of using socks with just sneakers, try mixing and matching hosiery with sandals. Although it looks very relaxed, you will still look fashionable. Mix & match is not only usable by guys, you girls who can also try.


If you want to look formal but still relax and fashionable, you can combine your socks with this type of shoes. Loafers are a type of shoe that is widely used by K-Pop artists. Gee, G-Dragon looks more like this!


The next type of shoe that you can mix & match with socks is boots. SNSD’s Taeyeon is one that often uses hosiery with his boots