Tips on Choosing Chat Topics On the First Date

The first date is a moment full of dilemmas you have to be careful in Chat Topic. You feel tremendous happiness for having brought him out. But, on the other hand, you may feel a terrible fear and anxiety about how this date will end. Remembering that the first date is crucial in determining the whereabouts of the next dates, it’s only natural that one thing is as “off as a conversation topic” is enough to make you dizzy. Here are tips that will help you present yourself as a cool chat buddy.


Avoid sensitive chat topics

This is very compulsory and obvious. Avoid discussing religion, views on politics, ethnicity, family or any chat topic that can develop into a debate without a no-more-true winner. He certainly wants a date that ends happily, not a tense and awkward date because one of you wins the debate.

Often escaped from your self-control are usually questions that seem very safe but suddenly even become a sensitive topic. For example small questions like “Your dad where work” can reap answers like “I do not know. Father went with his mistress when I was five years old. “If this happens, do not discuss it further and immediately change to a more positive topic.

Focus on this time and the future

Avoid discussing her past. The word of the past is not only limited to the past itself but also includes his ex-or his love stories in the past. Give more attention to him right now, what he’s doing now, who his best friend is at the moment. And what’s even better is that once you have discussed the present, you go on to discuss the future. Want to be what, want to do what and want to have a friend like that in the future. When you ask for the future, you give him a chance to share his dreams and ambitions with you.

Be a listener, not a speaker

If you are a man, you are responsible for setting up everything including topics. But that does not mean you are also responsible for constantly talking and asking along the date. As he speaks, give full attention and be a listener. Women do not need a man who can talk all night without making him bored, but who can listen when he decides to share some of his life stories.

If you are a woman, you need to be more active in talking and not allowing herself to ask continuously. Save your phone and chat with the person in front of you. Chatting is two ways, if you talk ONLY when he asks, you have no right to complain when the date is crisp. After all, if the date is crisp because you are passive chatting, the loss because it is out time series and jammed in the way you are too.

If the topic is no longer a problem, then now is the time for you to focus on other aspects. But of course in our other articles. Happy dating!…

Get to Know and Dating Tips with Russian Guys

Unfriendly, suspicious, loud, and cautious Russian character when interacting with strangers. Nevertheless, there are stored advantages in discipline, sharing, and some other things related to interaction in society.


Most Russians are highly educated, fond of reading and happy to chat light things. It’s good you also have enough to master things related to books, music, art, culture, geography. here are tips on dating a Russian guy:

1. The Russian guy is generally very proud of his country

Based on a survey, Russians are generally very proud of their country. Because it’s the best way to get this country guy as a girlfriend, one of them is by knowing the ins and outs of his country.

2. Hard on the Outside, But Soft Inside

In general, the Russians do look very hard. But actually, they are softhearted. They are even quite romantic. On several occasions, they even like to give flowers, Like other Caucasian boys.

3. Loves an Independent Girl

This countryman generally like independent and independent women. They also like women who can provide warmth and attention to their partner. men generally do not tolerate a selfish or complaining woman for no reason.

4. Russian men love feminine women

For Russian men, women who are feminine are the main attraction. In addition, they also like women who look natural. Therefore, if you want to attract the attention of Russian men, try to be feminine and natural.

5. Russian men love clarity

Generally, this countryman like everything to walk simply not much complicated. They love the clarity in a relationship. Therefore, if you want a Russian man as a boyfriend, maybe you do not need to shy cats. Give him clarity.

6. Do not be in a hurry

Talking about a wedding plan just after a few dates will make this country man stay away. Because they think that you have tried to “control” them to determine life in the future. Therefore be patient, do not be in a hurry. Wait for the right time.

7. Money is not everything

Never talk about material wealth, especially at first dates. If you do this, it is very likely they will even stay away. In general, Russian men think that money is not everything.…

Why a Sharing Friends Can Not Be a Couple

Life is not as beautiful as your imagination especially in finding friends, especially in finding friends. Unless you make a move on him, he’ll never realize you’re the man he’s been looking for. With a friend confide in him, maybe you try to find the right time. But the longer he waits, he’ll be comfortable thinking of him as your friend. Why Can a Sharing Friends Not Be a Couple? Here’s why!


1. Being a Friends Just Strengthening Your Status as a Friend

If he needs a friend to talk, he can vent to his own friends. If you’ve been a friend to confide in the hope that someday he could be your partner, you are not only a friend zone but also a therapy zone! No woman wants a friend to talk to her partner because you already know all the disgrace and the problem.

  1. So Friend Curhatnya Is not Your Task

Look at the guys you think is a jerk but still, he’s a girlfriend. Do they want to be a friend confide him? No! Not your job as a close friend or a potential partner to be a friend vent. In order for her to know you want to be her partner, make a move, Guys! Show him you want to be more than a friend. Make him hooked and interested in you as a couple, instead of being comfortable as a friend!

  1. At Finally, You Will Be Rejected Because You’re Too ‘Good’ For It

This is the foundation of friend zone. Words like, “We’re a friend, yes,” or “I can not thank you because you’re too good for me.” If you’re as good as he said, why would not he be your partner?

By being a friend to confide in him, your interest as a potential partner is reduced. The he who has been close to you as a friend will care about you just as a friend. If an emotional connection first takes shape before romantic attraction, congratulations, you have entered into the friend zone.

  1. The Relationship Will Be One-sided

Both friendship and romantic relationship need reciprocity. If he does the same business as a potential partner, then you can be a couple. If all this time you just became a friend vent and he did not give anything, you will never be happy with him. No matter how sincere you are to him. Why? Because all this time you hope to be his partner.

Actually a friend vent as a friend there is nothing wrong if you really intend to be a friend of him. However, still survive a friend vent in the hope he will want to be your partner, your struggle will be in vain. Make a move, Guys.