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Air compressors are devices that are used to consolidate air inside a chamber or a tank. Air compressors share the mechanism with which our lungs work when we hold our breath. Air is pulled and consolidated in a tank increasing the air pressure and decreasing the volume of air consequently. The compressed air which is under high pressure is released through a hose system and it goes through a steady release just as the same way our lungs release held breath through pursed lips.

Steadily, the air pressure inside an air compressor will continues to rise until it reaches a set limit. Air compressors are of different sizes and therefore the pressure limit varies accordingly. Air compressors have several uses which range from inflation, floatation devices, used in blowers and in power tools. Apart from being available in different sizes , air compressors come with some versatility and are surprisingly long lasting, if one gets a good model and gives it the proper care it could give service for a lifetime.

Many people might not know but using compressor pneumatic powered tools is quite beneficial. Pneumatically powered tools are more brawny than those powered by electricity , the former have more torque and RPM which translates to a faster and effective work performance. Environmental friendliness is something to look out for when it comes to desired tools , pneumatically tools are more environmental friendly because they do not have toxic battery waste.

Air compressors are of two types, electric air compressors and gas compressors, in each of the types they exist with some variations. Some air compressors are big and stationery and have little options when it comes to portability while some are small and can be moved from one place to another without much stress. The power an air compressor has coincides with the size of the compressor , therefore a large air compressor will have more power compared to a small, portable air compressor

The stationary type compressors are commonly used in industrial use which requires, more power and which can be used by more than one person. Air compressors also vary on the basis of being single and two stage motors and basically a two stage motor is able to change speeds when working , it works harder when one opts to . For compressors that are oil lubricated , they have to be operated on a flat surfaces and besides the facts that they release a mist of oil into the air which makes them not well suited to perform some tasks such as painting . Those in the line of work that require air compressors would prefer the oil lubricated type as they are long lasting and run quietly but on the downside they are limited when it comes to some applications.

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