When to Call an AC contractor

Some home owners feel that their unit does not need an annual tune up. They feel that it is an expense that they cannot afford unless their AC system is actually necessary. They even attempt to fix the problem themselves. What they do not know is that attempting to fix the problem themselves can cause more damage. Contacting a commercial AC contractor Madison WI will ensure that your system serves you longer. Below are occasions that you should contact an AC pro.

Routine maintenance

There are several systems especially the newer systems that require less attention. Even though it might be working great, you need to get it serviced at least once every year. During the routine maintenance the professional will check the belts and filters and have them replaced if there is need. They will also lubricate the motor, so it works better. You should call a professional at the beginning of the heating and the cooling system to make sure it works efficiently.

Installation of a new system

Many systems are designed to last about 15 years. Replacing an old system with a newer model that operates more efficiently will be an investment in the long run. Trying to install a new system by yourself can be chaotic. You might end up damaging the new system. It is worth paying to have a specialized contractor install the system. Find a contractor who has installed the system from the same manufacturer in the past.

Strange noises from the AC unit

If you start hearing clanking, grinding, extreme vibration and other types of noises it might be a sign of severe problems with the unit. If ignored they can become worse and expensive to have fixed by a professional. However, before you call the experts you need to know that some noises such as a whooshing and buzzing are normal. If the noises won’t go away, call an ac contractor to look at the problem and fix it.

The AC unit is not turning on

If the ac unit will not turn on inconvenience especially in the hot summer months. If the system is not turning on it might be a sign of a major problem. The problem might be electrical, and it is not wise to tamper and touch the system unless you have the training. If you experience such a problem, it would be wise to call a professional immediately.

The system does not blow cold air

This is the second most common reason why most people call a professional. While there are a number of causes it mainly means that the refrigerant has a problem. A professional will first inspect the system before he can rule out other problems. He will repair the system as he sees fit and get it running again.

Even though you are handy around the house, trying to fix your AC system might just make the problem worse. It is wiser to look for a licensed AC contractor in your locality to fix the problem.