Ways to Save Your Company a Mint on Packaging

In the world of business, packaging is king. People often underestimate the power that packaging has on the consumer. Packaging can be the difference between a return customer and one that doesn’t, sure, but packaging is also how your company presents itself in the modern social media-driven age. However, too many companies spend far more than they need to on the packaging process. Here are some ways to cut away at that bottom line and cheapen your packaging without cheapening the value of your brand identity.

Do You Need That Tube Thingy?

You need to determine if some of the costs of your packing supplies are entirely unnecessary. I’m not saying that aesthetic only pieces aren’t a great way to pull in customers but going overboard can hit your bottom line and seem too much for some of the older demographics that you may want to reach. Do you really need two cardboard tubes in there just to have some cool color combination? Probably not.

How Fragile is Fragile?

Sure, you don’t want the things you ship in the mail to break; that’s a big deal. However, being too careful in packaging can hit your bottom line. All that you need to do is protect the object inside the packaging, not lock it down like Fort Knox. Make sure you are worried about protecting the item, not making the customer think that you protected the item. As long as it comes not broken, they won’t care.

Note: If it does break in the mail. You (as the shipper) need to contact UPS and file a claim.

Consider Used

Packaging is expensive, but packaging equipment is even more expensive. Consider getting pre-owned packaging equipment. It may save you a pretty penny in the long run. After all, the customer will never see the equipment it doesn’t have to look shiny like the packaging.

Test the Item

Like we said earlier, you may cut costs in the fragility department. But, before you do that, make sure that you give the package a thorough testing. This part is sort of fun. Stand at the roof, and drop the item in a package down to the ground. Did it break? Consider upgrading your packaging until it doesn’t. Make sure to test for things such as temperature and vibration (for those bumpy UPS rides.) Knowing that your packaging is durable will let you clearly cut costs as well as have the peace of mind during shipping times.

Get it at a Discount

There are tons of companies that sell packaging at a discount for bulk orders. You could even look at recycled packaging, which may be more expensive, but typically gets cheaper in bulk and always makes you look good.

Make sure that your packaging looks good, but that it doesn’t look so good that it is costing you too much. Packaging is one place that many companies go a little too far on. They think that because we live in a social media age, packaging is all that matters. It does matter a lot. But, so does the product, the quality, and your company’s reputation.