The Benefits Of Gravel Roofing

Roofs are one of the most integral components of modern structures, both commercial and residential. Without them, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other precipitation would readily find its way inside homes, people wouldn’t get protection from pests, and homes wouldn’t last any longer than a few years due to such extreme exposure to the elements. Outside of shingles and sheet metal, one of the most popular means of finishing a roof is by using gravel. Let’s learn about some of the benefits that roofs finished with gravel bring to the table.

They Are Ideal For Constructing Rock-Solid Roofs

In roofing applications, gravel is most frequently found on top of flat roofs. These roofs are almost always built-up roofs, which are simply roofs made out of multiple layers of bitumen and insulating fiberglass layers. Built-up roofs are much stronger than their single-ply counterparts. Most commercial buildings utilize this style of roof in the name of longevity.

Gravel Helps Keep Maintenance Workers’ Footing

Working on top of buildings can be scary, especially when those buildings are large, corporate structures. Sheet metal and concrete, for example, could both easily cause someone to slip if it’s wet outside. However, gravel-topped roofs are great at keeping the footing of maintenance workers and other people who visit them.

Stones Are Effective Heat Absorbers

Traditional roofs often heat up when it’s warm outside, causing interior temperatures to rise quite dramatically. This is especially true as far as commercial buildings go. Stones do a great job at absorbing the heat from the Sun.

Foliage And Other Debris Stays In Place, Rather Than Clogging Gutters

Traditional roofs are often accompanied by gutters, which clog relatively easily if they’re not cleaned frequently. Buildings with gravel-topped built-up roofs hold leaves, sticks, and other foliage in place instead of getting caught in the highly important drains known as gutters.

Gravel roofs, as you can tell, offer quite a few benefits. However, since not many people know about them, decision-makers often don’t add gravel roofs to structures that are under construction. This roofing company in edgewater fl knows all about gravel roofs, fortunately for you, however.