Six Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

When the air conditioner fails to provide the cool, comfortable air you expect, you shouldn’t wait to schedule service with a professional. Although a repair might be available, a new air conditioner could be the better option. Many signs indicate the need for a new AC unit. Pay attention to those signs and avoid paying excessive repair costs when the money is better spent on a new unit when these factors are present. Six signs that it is time for air conditioning replacement Cincinnati OH are listed below.

Sign 1: The AC is Old

Every good thing must come to an end. An old AC unit may have seen its better days and could be ready for a replacement. If your unit is 7 years of age or older, it is time to start thinking about replacing the unit. You’ll enjoy improved energy-efficiency and lower cooling costs as a result.

Sign 2: No Cool Air

The air conditioner is designed to provide you with cool air so if it doesn’t do this as expected, you are suffering in the heat. Whether the air conditioning unit doesn’t provide any cool air at all, starts off cool and warms up, or doesn’t turn on at all, you should consider replacing the unit.

Sign 3: Energy Bills on the Rise

Are the costs of cooling your home increasing but there are no changes in the household? The air conditioner could be the cause of these ever-increasing energy bills. You should consider replacing the AC unit if you are tired of paying these increasing energy costs.

Sign 4: Loud Noises

Your air conditioner should provide quiet, noise-free operation. If you begin to hear strange noises coming from the unit, it is safe to say that there is a problem that you should address. There are a variety of reasons for a unit to make noises, but none of them are good. The sooner you phone a professional to make a repair, the better.

Sign 5: Excess Repairs

How much money have you spent to repair the AC? If you are spending more money on repairs than the unit itself costs, stop spending all of that money and talk to the professionals about a replacement unit. When you install a new unit, you are devoting your money to a lasting product.

Sign 6: Improper Cooling

If the AC unit fails to cool the entire home or one area of the house is not as cool as the other, the unit may not be large enough or other issues might be interfering. It is always a good idea to consider a replacement AC unit for such a situation.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to the signs that indicate the time to replace the AC has arrived. Do not ignore these signs and you will not be left to endure the heat of the summer alone. A new AC could very well be what makes this summer the best one ever.