Residential and commercial indoor and outdoor lighting

It is hard to find a reputable company that can do both interior and exterior lighting for residential and/or commercial properties. However, there are specialists with years of experience and knowledge who can properly install lighting in all types of properties.
Contractors with specific training in lighting techniques, can install lighting in commercial properties.

It takes a special set of skills and intense technical training to do so, as they must be able to install lights in a large football stadium to light up Friday night football or install lighting in showcase cabinets to bring light into artwork. Commercial lighting specialists must be able to repair and replace pole lights and emergency lighting systems to help keep the public safe. People do not realize the extent of training that goes into working in commercial lighting installation and maintenance. Among everything else mentioned above, commercial lighting installation specialists must be able to install, maintain, and repair tenant build outs, outlet installations, code violation repairs or rewiring, LED lighting, athletic field lighting, new commercial building lighting, backup generators, ballast replacement, lighting upgrades, and property lighting management. As shown above, it takes a great deal of experience, hands on training, and licensing to do proper commercial lighting. Before hiring any contractors to cover commercial lighting services, do your due diligence and make sure they have sufficient schooling to take care of electrical needs safely, correctly, and with the newest techniques in the industry.

Typically, competent contractors who have the technical training and skills to properly install commercial lighting, are also trained on installing residential lighting. This job sounds easy; drill a few holes, screw in light bulbs, and call it a day, however residential projects are much more involved. Residential contractors must be able to install outlets and switches, as well as dedicated circuits within the residence. They are trained to install deck and outdoor lighting, and standby generators that power residences during bad weather. Though we are in an age where most of the population has switched from land lines to cell phones, lighting contractors have the knowledge to install telephone and data wiring within a residence. They are given hands on training and licensing, so they can install bathroom exhaust and attic fans, under cabinet lighting stafford va, security lighting, under cabinet and upgraded recessed lighting. Contractors can go into a residence and provide full surge protection, circuit breaker installation or repair, fix code violations, or even completely rewire the residence.

Lighting installation is extremely involved. Men and women are given extensive training to provide the best service possible. Across the country, schools are preparing contractors to provide whatever services necessary; whether that be simple stadium lighting, or modern lighting techniques for Hollywood stars, they are being trained and given hands on experience to succeed. However, always do research before hiring a contractor, and make sure that only the most knowledgeable is being hired to take care of all your electrical needs.