Renting or Owning in Captiva Island

To Relocate or Stay?

If you’ve ever wanted to move to a tropical Island and find your dream home, but for one reason or another, haven’t been able to see it, then you can understand what hundreds of people go thru each year. Usually, couples or singles who have decided either to retire early or have made it big in a startup or ran a successful business but now want to get out of the system for a while and buy a home do not have problems finding a lovely property. That is the right part. What is more distressing is seeing a real estate agent who will work to help you find the home of your dreams. You may ask why so much trouble? It all has to do with the small place you are trying to move to. Sanibel Island or otherwise known as Captiva is a small island which is located south of Fort Myers Beach.

To Rent or To Own?

Is the problem the same for everyone? Should a person buy a home right off or rent a place until you are sure you want to stay in that place in perpetuity? There is always the realtor a person can go to for a property if you are inclined to jump right in and purchase a home. Or do you want an unbiased opinion of your potential new home? If that is the case should a person go straight to the Chamber of Commerce and ask your questions there. It might be better if someone were relocating to an Island like Captiva or Sanibel to start a new business. On the other hand, if a person was sure he wanted to move to his paradise island and wanted to find a home, then locating a realtor would be a good thing to do. However, I think a person ought to consider who they are doing business with and have a couple of recommendations from people who are familiar with the realtor they are studying. For example, usually, a Chamber of Commerce doesn’t list bad realtors just as the BBB doesn’t list businesses who have a terrible credit rating. However, if a person who is thinking of moving to Sanibel Island, you should still contact the Chamber of Commerce for a list of any north captiva real estate agency, along with many other companies, before making your move.

Schools, Shopping, Church, and Movies

Then even before visiting any realtor a person has to sit down and settle many questions regarding preferences of what school he wants to send his children, what he prefers as far as shopping centers or wanting to move outside the city. If this person has a religious preference, does he want to rent or have a home further away from his religious affiliation? Lastly, there are questions regarding social activities like movies, bowling allies, and theatres. If the place you are moving has these, do you want to be located near them or choose to drive into town to enjoy these social luxuries?

Final Word

It is not easy to move from one location to another, but it is harder when you have to decide to rent or to own in a new place with new surroundings and people.