Protect Your Property and Loved Ones With Modern Security Screens

Burglaries and home invasions are certainly not uncommon, and homeowners frequently look for ways to minimize the potential for becoming crime victims. While security systems and cameras are worthwhile investments, security screens can provide a more basic way to keep unwanted people out of a home. According to security industry experts, roughly 23 percent of burglars gain access to homes through a first-floor window. That means it’s important to take advantage of any strategy that will prevent that from happening.

Avoid Unsightly, Dangerous Options

Homes in many areas continue to use old-fashioned security bars that may be effective at keeping burglars out, but they also present a threat to the very people the bars are intended to protect. Most of the older security bars used on windows can’t be opened from the inside, which means residents are trapped in the event a fire or other emergencies require a quick and easy form of egress from a home. When looking for ways to protect your home, make sure the option selected doesn’t trap residents at the same time. Quality security features marketed today allow anyone in the home to quickly exit when an emergency occurs.

Protect Your Home’s Appeal

Another annoying aspect of older security bars was their look. To put it mildly, they did little to enhance the appearance of a home. In most cases, they made homes look more like prisons than homes. A security screen today won’t look out of place. They look very similar to typical screens normally seen on homes, which means the average person won’t even be aware a security feature is in use unless the residents tell them.

A Modern Security Screen Easily Repels Threats

Baseball bats, knives, and other tools won’t get through a modern security screen. Even if a would-be burglar used some sort of more exotic strategy to damage a security screen, it would take time. That’s not something most burglars are willing to risk. They’ll simply move on to an easier target.

Explore Your Options

If you’re considering upgrading a home’s security precautions, providers have screens and doors designed to fit the needs of virtually any home. Contact the experts today for details or to obtain an estimate.