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Why Aerolite Installation is Great for Your Roof/Ceiling

A roofing insulation contractor is not yet the perfect one for the job unless they’re able to prove their ability to employ your favorite insulation material. Typically, you’re emphasizing insulation material because you want to save energy and still attain the best interior comfort levels. Aerolite insulation installers employ a material boasting the properties you love, so you can happily trust them with superior results. Let’s look into aerolite qualities that suit it best as the choice for ceiling insulation or roofing insulation.

Cooling Your Home During Summer

With aerolite insulation, your house stays cool in summer because the natural heat dissemination associated with every building is substantially impeded. In summer, as such, the heat outside is prevented from passing through a roof that boasts aerolite insulation to interfere with the comfortable, cool air inside. What this roof insulation means for your home is that it enhances your indoor living comforts when you can’t tolerate the warmer conditions outside.

Warming Your Home in Winter

If the roof of your house is not correctly insulated during winter, the extreme temperature outside immediately impacts the temperature inside. Don’t forget that the enclosure created by your home ceiling is the origin of a large volume of cold air. During winter, your roof becomes very cold and it transfers the extreme temperatures to your interior living spaces. Just add aerolite insulation to your roof to permanently solve the issue.

Saving Energy

A good number of homes and business premises install heating and cooling mechanisms to control interior comfort. Yet, electricity is very expensive, and when you bear that in mind, heating and cooling costs can be prohibitive too.

Through proper ceiling insulation, you can avoid the requirement for HVAC systems. Used to insulate, aerolite withstands the toughest of outdoor summer heat, and when added on your ceiling, it minimizes heat transmission in and out of your rooms to a mere 10%. Since the insulation can boost indoor comfort in very hot days by up to 8 degrees Celsius, it does reduce the requirements for HVAC cooling systems. The material has a similar role to play during winter, insulating the roof space, and minimizing the need to heat your home using electric systems.

The Material is Environmentally-Safe and Long-Lasting

Re-used glass constitutes about 80% of aerolite, while natural silica sand comprises the remainder 20%, making it safe for the environment. It can last from 20 to 25 years, making it a worthy investment. Aerolite is relatively resistant to burning, and it’s rated A/1 in fire resistance.

Work with aerolite insulation installers if you wish to maintain superior indoor air quality regardless of extreme winter or summer conditions outside your house or business premises.

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