Explaining what it is like to work on an oil rig

How a life on an oil platform looks like does is a mystery which is unsolved for the many people which aren’t working in an industry such as this one. But while we are in the beginning, if you are not informed over the way by which the work is done on those platforms, you can get more knowledge about the rigs by clicking on the following article https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-25557037/what-is-life-like-on-a-north-sea-rig. And even for the people who have been a bit more curious than the others this isn’t a much clarified question, since while watching some documentaries over the life on an offshore ring many things aren’t mentioned in the script. The truth is that even though it may sound too complex, scary, or some other similar words which are describing a certain experience, living on an offshore oil rig can be a very pleasant thing to be done. But on the other hand, there are some certain problems which are occurring while you are a part of the team, and the best way to have an objective idea about everything is to read this article in which those things will be mentioned in a more extended way.

Yes, you will be able to have free weekends once per month

This is the most commonly asked question so far, and yet, there is a small misunderstanding when the answer is about to be released, since this is something which is a part of the company’s  internal politics. But however, most of the company’s managers are deciding to make the shifts in a way which will allow them to give a free weekends each month to the employees, which will help them to keep their workers happier and more satisfied. While on the other hand, the longer the people are held on the platform – the harder it is to provide them happiness on the same way by which it could be done if the feeling of homesickness wasn’t included. By this, you should be sure that the free weekdays are provided to each employee, and sometimes, in some company, a week is included, which is even more than just three days. Also, you will have your own bed inside a shared room, which is a part of the offshore living quarters that are made as an addition to each oil rig platform.

You will probably work for 10 hours in a shift

                This may be a major difference if you’ve used to working eight hours in a shift, but however, not every company which is dealing with a work of this kind has a same number of working class in a shift. But usually, after you are done working, there is a meeting during which the changes made during the day are being discussed, which is helping everyone to catch up with the situation where the oil is taken. And once you are done, you are allowed to take a shower and enjoy the rest of the day by taking a part in some of the previously mentioned activities. Also, keep in mind that during that time, you will be able to get closer to your colleagues and speak over anything connected to the work, or something which is taking a personal hold up on you. You shouldn’t be afraid and feel overwhelmed for your future if you are going to work on an oil rig because you will find a perfect solitude in the other people which will be feeling as homesick as you are in that current situation.

There are some entertaining activities included

                When thinking about an offshore work on an oil rig, many people are living with the idea that the only thing which is being done there is working, eating and sleeping. But this is far away from the truth, since the employers are working hard in order to keep up adjusting the environment to the worker’s needs. This means that there are some rooms for entertainment, including some board games, a TV, and sometimes even a theater show. And also, as an addition to that, there is a room with a WIFI connection, which means that you will be able to speak with your loved ones almost every day.