Coping with Loss Through Memorial and Funeral Services

The loss of a loved one is often a emotional time during a person’s life. It does not matter if you are a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor; you will suffer from some form of grief and loss. Families who suddenly lose a loved one often are so heartbroken from their loss that the thought of planning a memorial service or funeral may seem like an impossible task to plan. It is not uncommon for a elderly person to have some pre-planned arrangements in the event of their death but this is not always the scenario. People who pass away suddenly usually do not have any portion of their service planned in the event of their death.

When a family arrives at a funeral home they are often distraught and unable to think clearly. All family members want to carry out their loved ones wishes to the best of their ability while hosting a memorable and honorable service. When planning funeral services Hunterdon county NJ has some of the most welcoming and understanding funeral staff. The professional staff members will guide grieving family through the process of the memorial service.

Well trained staff will thoroughly outline all options that can be utilized during a funeral service. They will take into consideration religious preferences, musical preferences, seating selection and funeral card designs. Staff members will walk the family through the routine that the service will follow. Families can utilize break rooms where snacks and beverages can be brought in for the guests while they reminisce about the newly departed. Additionally, the funeral staff will discuss early arrival and visitation for immediate family of the deceased.

Funeral homes provide guest books that are both present at the ceremony for signatures and online signature books for loved ones that are unable to attend in person. The website also includes the obituary and any other personal information the family would like mentioned about their loved one. The staff will handle all floral arrangements as well as provision of a card box. Families sometimes bond over photo memorial collages. These are done after a loved one passes and many friends and family members will contribute their own pictures of the recently passed individual. These pictures are arranged on large boards and given to the funeral home’s staff prior to the ceremony. The staff will typically hang these or use large easels to display these thoughtful photo memories.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is a difficult time in a person’s life. The funeral home may also provide resources for counseling if a family needs it or information to a local church that can also provide therapy options. During this emotional time it is imperative to remember the memorial service can be a joyous event where the life and legacy of the recently departed is honored and remembered. Stories about shared experiences and fond memories can be told to help being the healing process. The funeral service will bring family and friends closer together during their time of emotional sadness.