Back yard Fences Provide Privacy and Safety

There are many reasons why a home owner would decide to fence in their yard. If you find yourself living in a city setting where you may wish to have a little bit of privacy you may opt to fence in your yard. There are many types of fences that can provide back yard privacy. Privacy fences can be four to six feet in height and made of wood or vinyl. Wood fences often require a bit more upkeep because they will weather thorough out the years. Wood fences often require staining and sealing to keep them looking their best. Vinyl fences cost a bit more than wood fences but often boast a longer lifetime since they can easily be power washed clean. Another type of fence is wrought iron and chain link. Some home owners associations prefer home owners to use vinyl fencing or wrought iron because they tend to hold up to the natural elements a bit better. If you live in a home owners association be sure to make yourself familiar with your HOA rules and regulations prior to deciding upon a fence.

Another reason that a person may decide upon a fence is if they have small children or animals and would rather they be contained to the back yard or a portion of the back yard if you have extensive property. Fences can provide a great barrier for natural predators that may lurk around your property. Fences also provide ample privacy for home owners who have back yard spas or pools and do not want neighbors or strangers having access to their pool.

There are many designs that can be utilized when installing a fence. If a home owner decides upon wrought iron or vinyl there are not as many decorative accents as wood fences offer but there are still quite a large variety of accent pieces that can be added on. Some accent pieces would include caps that can also contain solar lighting to provide a nice lit ambience during sunset and the evening hours, decorative gates with elaborate latching mechanisms and even built in flower holders. These customized preferences can be added to the design when you sit down with your fence installation company. If you are seeking outdoor fences Lebanon PA has many trained professionals that can assist with the design and installation of your new back yard oasis.

When hiring a professional fence design and installation company be sure to get referrals from friends, neighbors and co-workers. The best advertisement is word of mouth. Many fence companies also display their sign on newly installed fences. If you go for a stroll around your neighborhood you may be able to quickly spot a fence that you like and acquire the fence company information from a newly posted advertisement sign. When you hire a contractor to install your fence be sure to have your property checked for underground wires and obtain all necessary permits prior to installation. Once you fence is installed you will be able to sit back and enjoy the privacy it provides in your private back yard.