Three Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

These days, more people are spending money on home improvement. More and more, remodeling projects include advancements that not only modernize the home, but also help reduce energy costs. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or smaller enhancements, here are three upgrades you should consider to improve the energy efficiency in your residence.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient light bulbs come with many benefits, including reduced electricity usage and longer life span.  Most of the energy from traditional incandescent lighting was given off as wasted heat. Halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are commonly available alternatives. LEDs, in particular, are especially popular due to their relatively long life span which offset the initial costs. Some LED lights can last up to 30 years with typical daily use. As technology continues to develop, pricing on energy-efficient bulbs continues to decrease. This is a relatively simple upgrade that anyone can make.

Go Tankless

Tankless water heaters are another way to improve your home’s long term energy efficiency. These devices can use up to 40% less energy than standard tank hot water heaters. With tankless heaters, you don’t have to wait for hot water. These appliances generally have a much longer lifespan than their standard counterparts.  Consult a professional for tankless water heater installation San Ramon CA to explore all your options.

Smart Home Technology

Implementing smart devices can also improve energy efficiency. Although full-scale home automation can be expensive, devices such as smart thermostats and smart lights allow for a relatively inexpensive entry into the smart home arena. These machines work with Wi-Fi networks to use location-based technology to determine when to heat or cool your abode or turn on exterior lights as the sun sets.

As you plan your next home improvement projects, consider making energy-efficient upgrades. You can go big or small on changes that will not only save money in the long run but are also eco-friendly.  While some options require the aid of a professional, all can go a long way towards a more energy-efficient home.…

Bring Some Bling to Boring Windows

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Does that mean the windows are the eyes of your house? They give you a view to the outside world, certainly, and they can be a feature that draws the gaze of people admiring the beauty of your home. Are your windows clear and classy, or are they bloodshot and bleary? Maybe it’s time to give those peepers a little pickup.

Prettier Panes

Dress up a plain old piece of glass with some window grids that give the illusion of a much more decorative and creatively designed space. Stained glass is another way to take a window from faded to fab, and if it’s not practical to completely replace the clear glass with something more colorful, try hanging a small pretty piece at the top of a window to draw the sun and admiring glances.

Classier Coverings

The loveliest window won’t get much attention if it’s covered with drab drapes or droopy blinds. Invest in some new curtains or a snappy shade, and you’ll be surprised how much wow you can get from your windows. At the very least, throw your current covering in the wash or give it a good spray and wipe.

Glossier Glass

Speaking of spraying and wiping, the simplest way to make more of your windows is to make sure they are brightly, gleamingly, transparently clean. Whether you choose to wash them yourself or hire a professional, get rid of all the grime that’s built up on the outside due to weather and wear. Wipe the fingerprints and pet nose-prints off the inside surface of the windows. While you’re at it, hose off any screens so they’re not looking shabby.

Make your house’s eyes pop with some careful applications of style. You’ll see and be seen all the better.…

The Dangers of Pests in Your Florida Home

Ants are one of the most common pests that make their way into the home. And once they make their way inside, they’re quite difficult to get rid of. An ant infestation isn’t something you want to just live with. Ants can pose several risks and need to be dealt with immediately.

Some Ants Sting

Not all ants are a risk of physical damage. However, there are some (such as fire ants) that sting. These stings can be painful. Some people may have allergic reactions that can cause some potentially dangerous effects. Because it can be difficult to identify the type of ant infesting your home, it’s best to have professional pest control services cape coral fl provide treatment.

Health Risks

Even if the ants in your home are physically harmless, they can carry all kinds of bacteria, including E. coli. They can then track the bacteria over your countertops and any food that’s left out in the open. Eating contaminated food, or food that has touched contaminated surfaces, could put your health at risk.

Home Damage

There are some types of ants that eat wood. If they get in your home, they could destroy the wood structures including furniture, walls and support beams. Not only are you left dealing with an ant infestation, but then you’re stuck dealing with the costs of replacing damaged furniture or repairing compromised walls.

They Can Deter Visitors

Even the cleanest homes can get an ant infestation. But any guests who see them might instantly assume that your home is dirty. Ants give off a very bad impression and can make your guests unwilling to come back for another visit.

Ants aren’t a creature you want taking up residence in your home. Treating an infestation quickly is important for getting them out as quickly as possible.…

The Truth About Metal Building Homes

Purchasing land and making plans to build a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Before you turn to a timber frame construction project, take a look at metal building homes. Although most often utilized for commercial construction, metal buildings are finding their way into the residential sector of new home construction.

There are many reasons why a metal building home could edge out the competition for a new build. They are structurally sound, energy efficient when spray foam solutions are used, and they go up fairly quickly compared to stick frame or brick homes. The overall design and benefits of this option can save you money in the long run.

Consider Sustainability

As the earth continues to experience decay, many are worried about the ecosystem and preserving what is left. When you choose a metal building, you are investing in a sustainable venture. Much of the materials used in steel fabrication are recycled, and the components of your house can be recycled if you ever choose to dismantle the structure.

It’s All About Location

If you want to get the most of out your energy-efficient building project, the site for your home and the way you orient the structure are important. Heating and cooling costs will vary according to available shade or elevation. You will also need to make sure there is plenty of drainage opportunity in the surrounding landscape.

It Can be a Looker

Metal building homes don’t have to have a boring exterior. Your home will not look like a commercial warehouse. Improvements in design and materials give you options for roofing as well as facades that resemble natural stone or wood.

If you haven’t stayed up to date with the changes in metal building designs, you would be surprised by the beautiful and affordable options that now exist for residential structures.  Make a cost and design comparison and see how a metal home might work for your build.…

The Importance of Parking Lot Sweeping for Your Business

For many businesses, potential customers receive their first impressions of your business before they step foot into the building. As they pull into your driveway and seek out an open spot, they will notice if your lot is cluttered with debris, glass, or other potentially damaging objects. As such, the proper cleaning and maintenance of your parking lot is an important factor to the overall strength and well-being of your business.

Purpose and Benefits

Seeking out and hiring a parking lot sweeper business Washington state or other areas helps protect your business from a potentially damaging reputation. A dirty parking lot may include broken glass that has fallen from nearby dumpsters, debris from a recent storm, discarded cigarettes and other litter, or other general dirt gathered from everyday usage. When left unchecked, debris can build up and result in damage to cars or injury to staff and visitors who may trip on loose branches or other items. This could result in potential law suits, expensive lawyer fees, and an increase in liability insurance premiums. An investment in parking lot cleaning services helps protect your business in the future.

Additional Services

The most comprehensive parking lot sweepers are those that provide a number of services beyond picking up debris. Many business lots have dumpsters, garbage cans, and cigarette holders in and around the lots, and all of these items have a strong tendency to lose items when cleaned by waste disposal companies. Similarly, loading docks and stairwells are notorious for collecting debris, as are landscape beds and other decorative areas. In addition to safety concerns, debris and litter that is left unchecked provides a negative image to your business from potential customers, so keeping them clean is important. Lastly, regular business hours are usually means your lot will be crowded, so it is best to schedule sweepings during evening or other flexible hours.…

Attractive Ways to Improve Your Backyard

No matter the size of your backyard, you can make the outdoor space fun and inviting. A wonderful way to relax is by kicking up your feet with your loved ones and enjoying the company of each other, perhaps with a cup of coffee at dawn or a nightcap at sunset. With a thoughtful evaluation of your backyard, you can add a few personal touches that not only look good but make you want to spend your time there.

Add a Fire Pit

Spend some quality family time roasting marshmallows together over a new built-in fire pit. A fire pit does not have to be expensive or complex. There are plenty of examples online, so take a look at your backyard to decide on a good shape and size for your family. Make sure to check your local regulations before building and take a few fire safety courses as well.

Create Some Shade

If your backyard has little natural shade from the environment, then it could be time to create some of your own. Hot days can tire you out and make it unpleasant to spend time in your yard. There are a number of beautiful pergola shade systems on the market, which can make summer afternoons much more enjoyable on your patio or deck. If the back of your house receives a lot of direct sun, then installing a good shade system nearby could even help reduce energy costs for cooling your home.

Invest in Landscaping Projects

Say goodbye to ragged weeds and overgrown bushes. Work out a budget and a timeframe for giving your backyard a makeover, which can be as fast or as gradual as you like. Figure out how to do the work yourself or speak with an experienced landscaping company to create the backyard of your dreams.…

How To Choose a Quality Roofing Contractor

The roof is an essential part of your home, but eventually, it needs repair or even replacement. When it’s time to work on your roof, you need a quality contractor. Here are some tips to choosing a quality roofing contractor to work on your home.


Many roofing contractors St Charles County MO place any manufacturer designations right on their website and other company information. In order to obtain the designation, the contractor passed the factory-certified minimum requirements. Some designations are stricter than others.


Referrals are always a good source of information on the type of service and experience you can expect from any contractor. Look into their Better Business Bureau ratings and online testimonials. These tools can help you cross off the list those that don’t meet your expectations.


Roofs last for years and poor workmanship may take that long to become noticeable. Often workmanship isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance leaving you footing the bill. A company that offers warranties on the workmanship is a good choice for homeowners. Chances are the roof works as promised, but if not, that warranty gives you an opportunity to have it repaired without additional expense.


Contractors should not claim to file your insurance paperwork. That falls on your shoulders, unfortunately. Many states don’t allow contractors to deal with your insurance company. Don’t work with any that claim to be specialists in insurance claims. File your own claim, pay your deductible and negotiate with your insurance to avoid potential legal problems down the line.


Above all, a quality contractor has the proper licensing requirements for your area. They have insurance in case an error is made and they don’t pressure you. Pushy contractors rarely have your best interests in mind. Keep these in mind when searching for your next roofing contractor. Your roof should last years and with the right contractor, it will.…