9 Lessons Learned: Camping

Why Children Camps are Important.

Having your kids at home during the holiday season is a great move but it will not be so great if you are not also finding things for them to do which will add some value to their life. Learning life skills is important and your children will need this growing up. If you know several of this skills to teach your children, go ahead and teach them but do not expect that this will be the case in every skill they need. Even if there are other things to occupy your children’s lives, make sure that you take them camping at least once annually.

At camp, children have to work out and engage in other activities which are physically stimulating and this is not something that comes easily at home because they will get preoccupied with electronics to the point of forgetting to go outside leave along doing any kind of physical work. Children obesity is accelerating at a faster rate and it should not come to that when you can let your children be involved in physical activity. When you teach your children how to stay healthy when they are young, they will grow with that which is better than trying to make changes in their habits after they are grown up.

Among the activities the children have to do in camp are competitions and winning this gives the children self-confidence. The last thing you need is to raise a child who does not have a sense of self-confidence because they will be putting up with being bullied and even fail to stand up to themselves. Not to say that the child has to be on top at everything but even participating is enough rather than being a wallflower. When there are competitions, not everyone can win and your kids need to know early in life that it is okay to be on the losing side. You need resilient children who will not mind even if they lose several times in their life.

You need independent children too because if they cannot pull their lives together when they are away from home then you are looking into having them grow old in your house. They will be able to make their own decisions and stand by them which will come in handy in life. If your kids are independent decision makers, the teenage stage is not going to be that hard for you because it is less likely that they will be influenced by peer pressure. Do not just make decisions on where your kids and you will be snacking at when schools are in recess but also the kids’ camps they will be attending.

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