5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Dogs

Things You Should Train Your Dog

A well trained dog provides unconditional love and friendship to its owner. The importance of training your dog is to ensure that you will have control on the pet in any condition such as coming across children and other animals. A trained dog will easily understand what you want from them and therefore they will be happy. Your dog training becomes easy when you use the right techniques. Fundamental commands are critical and you may want to use them to train your dog since they form the cornerstone of communication between you and your dog. For your dog to easily learn these commands you will need to use rewards and positive reinforcement.

The first vital fundamental commandment that you will want to train your dog is to sit. Sitting is the most common command and thus it is the first command that you should teach your dog. It is vital that you put your dog on a leash attached to the dog collar. You will go further and hold a treat over the dogs head and make him look up then you will tell your dog to sit. Other times your dog will not sit and when this happens you will need to put your hand on their rear side and gently press them down as you tell them to sit. When your dog sits then praise your dog and give them a treat. It is essential that your dog understand why you have given them the treat and also ensure that you reward your dog immediately.

You will need to train your dog the lie-down command as your next command once your dog has learned the sit command Firstly, you will need to tell your dog to sit but this time do not reward them. Once the dogs sit properly go ahead and hold his shoulders and press the front part of his body down while telling him to lie down. If he does then reward him immediately and offer the treat. You will need your dog to understand that you are happy with them by use of your tone.

The stay command is also essential for your dog training. This will come in handy once you take your dog outside and you come into contact with other animals and humans. The time that your dog is relaxed and not in a playful mood is the best time to begin the training. You will issue your dog the lie-down command while you hold up your hand as if you are signaling someone to stop. If your dog stays for five minutes then reward them and repeated the process.

Dogs – Getting Started & Next Steps

Dogs – Getting Started & Next Steps