Sunglasses Model That Makes Stylish Appearance

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Sunglasses can be a fashion statement that can make you always look stylish. Do not let you choose the wrong glasses that do not fit the face shape. The right glasses model can change your appearance instantly without having to try hard. For example, 5 favorite models of sunglasses below. Your appearance will instantly turn cool and become the center of attention.


Square Model of Sunglasses

One form of glasses that many people love is the shape of the box frame. Choosing these box-shaped sunglasses is actually a bit tricky because not all face shapes fit to use it. Glasses that have a design with a firm line is suitable for use by people who have round face shape, oval, or inverted triangle. These glasses will frame your face to be more assertive as well as there is a little classic impression. For more stylish appearance try choosing colored lenses such as brown or blue gradations.


This form of club master or bowl glasses is suitable for almost any face shape, especially for oval face shape. The face shape that tends to be longer it requires glasses that can make the face also looks wide.

Adam Levine vocalist Maroon 5 one that you can imitate. The cool looks you can cheat by using club master-shaped eyeglasses from Ray-Ban. These cluster sunglasses can instantly change your appearance instantly.


Spectacles with round lenses are perfect for people with facial shapes. Glasses with round shape can help shape the face line. The face of the box shape has a firm chin shape, so you need glasses that can refine the shape of the face.

This round-shaped sunglasses also has long been a fashion icon from John Lenon. Nothing wrong to invest to buy glasses with a round shape. These round glazed sunglasses is also suitable for your use that has a diamond face.


Aviator-shaped sunglasses can instantly change your appearance to be more masculine or edgy. The aviator model sunglasses are best suited for people with rounded faces. Aviator sunglasses a la Ray-Ban is also often used by top artists ranging from Jennifer Aniston to Bruno Mars. People who have oval faces have a proportional face shape between the width and height. The shape of aviator sunglasses can help make the face look longer or wider.


The shape of the wayfarer glasses is a favorite of many people because of its classic form. The choice of wayfarer eyeglasses is indeed the same all face shape. Start the shape of the face of the box until the oval can use wayfarer glasses.

The shape of the lens of his wide glasses can indeed reinforce the shape of your face while softening. Wayfarer glasses will not make you appear excessive, choose the lens super glasses to make a la rocker appearance.