Seven Tips Mix And Match Neckerchief

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One of the fashion items that again become a trend now is Neckerchief. Believe do not believe, even if only using casual clothes, but fashion can make your appearance so more. Let’s see the idea of mix and match it


Neckerchief Casual Tank

Just rely on a tank top, your appearance can be more stand out with this additional Neckerchief. Use a minimal tank top with no motive for you to mix and match with a diverse scarf. If you want to look more outstanding again, you can mix and match with embroidered jeans and also slip on. Outfit this one really fits so your mainstay to hangout to Dufan or just hang out at the mall.

Summer Casual

Any vacation plans to the beach in the near future? To add OOTD collection, you can mix and match to crop top with subordinate white culottes so your Neckerchief can be more prominent. Sling bag circle can also be your mainstay casual style for the streets.

Formal with Skirt

Want more formal style? Paduin  Neckerchief is a white shirt and flare skirt is green Tosca or matching the color. Paduin with favorite heels and also your favorite handbag. Do not forget the thin makeup and pink lipstick to make your appearance so much sweeter!

Overall with Neckerchief Overall

Overall it is one of the outfits that comfortable used whenever and wherever. But, if the usual blend of overalls and your shirt look normal wrote, you can add Neckerchief to make the appearance so more “wow”. Do not forget your flagship sunglasses let more cool for the photos!

Playsuit with Heels Playsuit with Heels

Want a romantic dinner with her lover? Wear a Playsuit with a neutral motif that matches your Neckerchief. Do not forget to wear strapless heels and also favorite handbag. Makeup is quite simple, the most important do not forget your red lipstick yes!

Rock DayRock Day

You who style a la Rocker also can appear cool with Neckerchief you know. Paduin neutral white tops, tight pants and also a leather jacket and boots. For his fashion try to choose the motifs and colors that collide with the color of your outfit dominance to be more stand out.

Formal with ScarfFormal with Scarf

For invitations meeting clients, Neckerchief also is a fashion item that you must have. With a blend of tank tops, skinny jeans, and blazers, your fashion can sweeten the look! But, try to choose fashion with the same color ya!