Men’s Appearance is Liked By Women

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Not only women who are too concerned with the appearance, should men care about his own appearance, especially if it has begun to approach women. Of course, women also like men who look attractive and unsightly. So, be aware of the style of men’s clothing that women like, so no one in the dress.

Hence, let’s see, here are some styles of men’s clothing that women like. Who knows can be an inspiration to you, right?

looks okay with an Appearance shirt

Wearing a shirt does not always seem formal and rigid, really. You can choose a piece of slim fit shirt to fit the shape of the body. In addition, while wearing it you can roll a little arm to look more relaxed.

This shirt you can match with matching jeans if you want a casual look, or chinos pants to look more formal, a kind of smart casual. Customize with your character, so your character is more outgoing. This became one of the men’s dress styles that women favored because women love to be neat men.

Plain Shirt and Jeans

Looks like T-shirts or plain still a favorite choice of men in a dress. It looks from this t-shirt looks very relaxed and comfortable. It’s just that we have to be smart to choose the right shirt with us, which is not too loose or not too narrow.

Choose shirt colors that seem relaxed with a picture that is not too dominant. Long t-shirts were cultivated not to exceed pants pockets. You can match with matching jeans to look stylish. This style of dressing becomes one of the simple men’s dress styles.

Choose the Right Shoes

If all this time you rarely and averse to wear shoes, start to change, at least when date. Try to wear shoes that fit the conditions, do not just wear shoes. For example the departure of dinner, even wearing sports shoes. Customize also with your current fashion style. You can search the appropriate shoe reference model on the internet.

Tidy Hairstyle

Currently, men are more free in appearance. Not only in dressing, but in the hairdo as well. You can choose a hairstyle that suits your character and matches your hair type and shape. If you have difficulty, you can consult with your customer’s slasher.

Wear hair oil to keep your hair order and look more neat and orderly. Hair oil is tailored to the hairstyle you choose.


Not only pants that use denim, but also many shirts and jackets that use denim. In fact, now also penetrated into bags and shoes. This material is still the best choice to be used as a fashion item that can support your appearance to be more stylish.

Actually quite simple right? It’s just that we need to pay a little more attention to our appearance, whether in accordance with our character. Are we comfortable with that? The important thing we are comfortable first, so in wearing it more confident.