Five Color Converse Shoes That You Must Have

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Converse shoes are a million people’s shoes, ladies. In addition to super-duper durable material, these shoes are also suitable combined with any type of outfit. Well, what color of converse do you have? For you who are curious, let’s check this out, ladies!


Converse Shoes is Black

The black converse must be in your shoe cabinet, ladies. Why? Because converse black is the universal shoe so it will always fit when combined with any clothes, accessories, and bags. In addition, if you’re the kind of person who is a bit lazy to wash shoes, the black converse is a great choice for you, because black converse will not look dirty, ladies.


Although easy to look dirty, the white converse also needs you have, you know. Yup, now this white shoe is the middle of the world trend, ladies. And now everyone is trying to get her hand on these white shoes. And yeah, the white converse can be the right choice, you know.


Well, if you think the black color is too neutral and so last year, you should know if you can use navy converse color will be really cool, ladies. Converse navy can also be combined with various types and colors outfit you. So, baseball needs to fear again, ladies!


If you get an outfit with the theme “kick of color”, you must really have a red converse, ladies. Converse red will make people focus on the color of your Converse that dares and attract attention, you know. Yup, you should have at least a vivid color shoes like a pair of red converse, ladies!

Baby blue

Finally, you need to have a baby blue converse that can make you look more girly without looking too much, ladies. Baby blue color is soft this will match mix and match with all types of the outfit and make your appearance look sweeter, you know. Yup, baby blue is a better alternative than another cute color.