Fashion Matching for Mix and Match Sling Bag

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For you who like to travel using Fashion a bag, sling bag is one alternative that you can wear while traveling. The shape and size of a small and simple also be a dream for the fashionista! Sling bag not only can be used by women, but also for men. For those of you who like to be simple things or do not like to bring a lot of equipment and small, sling bag can be a very suitable choice. Although fairly small compared to other bags, this bag is very easy to wear and still look fashionable. Here are some fashion tips you can use when using a sling bag


Using Casual Fashion

With casual fashion, you will look more casual and simple if combined with a sling bag. Both men and women, sling bags you can use to travel casually to college. Not only casual and simple, combining sling bag with casual fashion can make you more comfortable.


For you, in particular, have worked, surely you often use formal fashion or office like this. Using a sling bag and combined with a formal dress can be another option for you to use with this type of bag. But usually, for use in the office, the size of the sling bag will be larger, considering the needs of many like carrying a laptop or notebook. But, calm friend Trivia, sling bag will not spoil your fashion this one.

Outwear – Jacket, Blazer, Kimono, Vest, Cardigan

Outwear is another tips and tricks that you can mix with a sling bag. The type of outwear itself is very much, like the jacket, blazer, cardigan, vest, kimono, and many more. By using outwear, you can customize what outwear you want to use by adjusting the places you visit.


Other fashion tips that you can mix with a sling bag is a dress or one-piece. Fashion is suitable for you women who are happy with the feminine style, sling bag can be the right choice. The blend of beauty and uniqueness of both, makes you look elegant.

Using Comfortable Clothes

When you will use a sling bag, try to wear clothes that do not make you hard in moving. Comfortable clothes will make not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable in your body.

Suitable Footwear

In addition to clothing, you also have to adjust the footwear to match the fashion to be used. For example, when you will use fashion casual, footwear that you can use are sneakers, flat shoes, until sandals.

Outfit Color

Color is an important factor that you should pay attention to. Although the clothes and footwear you use are comfortable and suitable, you also have to think about the colors of clothing, footwear, until the sling bag. If you already wear a dress or patterned dress, you can use a sling bag is not patterned or plain. If you wear clothing with neutral or monochrome colors, you can love a little touch of bright colors, such as red, pink, or brown on a sling bag.