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Four Tips Mix and Match Floral Dress

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For you who again want to look vintage can try wearing floral themed dresses in the form of a sweet dress and added with some accessories to make your appearance more perfect. But if you do not want to be too feminine, you can choose a boss like a t-shirt or floral shirt combined with ripped jeans or boyfriend jeans. Let the cooler, let’s see the creations motifs and 8 themed fashion inspires suitable for a hangout.


Have not ever tried to create a florally themed fashion? Wow, whereas this one fashion style cooler if you are smart creates you know! Maybe all this time you are a little confused to mix and match your clothes like what. One of the most well-patterned outfits for you to wear is a shirt with motifs. Here are some inspirations for you who want to combine floral motifs.

Use Floral Separates to Compensate for Your Vibrant Outfit

If indeed your clothes are quite festive with outfit all floral motive try to use floral separates. This separates again model really.  In addition to very cool for you to use, you can also balance your clothes that have been so vibrant.

Combine Superiors and Subordinates

You have a lot of outfit with floral motif, try to combine two outfits with motif at the same time. Padup and it will be cool for you to wear when you want to hang out while on vacation. You do not need to be afraid if the combination of these two outfits is too much. How to combine these two clothes will be cool really wrote.

Wear a Jumpsuit

In addition to the two pieces in the form of superiors and subordinates, you can use jumpsuit ya. In addition to practical, this outfit will be very happy for you to use informal events. If possible floral-themed clothes are better suited for you to use in casual events, with a jumpsuit model, your outfit will be really good for you to use for example office or other formal events.

Combine the Punk Style

You baseball too like to dress with the girly theme, can really combine your floral-themed clothes with punk style. To make your appearance a punk style, you can combine your dress with other fashion items like pants or plaid skirts for example.…